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Kenny Cunningham uses EastEnders analogy while dismissing biennial World Cup idea

Kenny Cunningham outs himself as EastEnders fan.

Kenny Cunningham has come up with an interesting analogy while discussing Fifa’s biennial World Cup proposal.

The former Ireland defender was involved in a discussion on the subject in the RTÉ studio ahead of the Champions League meeting of Manchester United and Young Boys and he took the opportunity to compare the idea to popular BBC soap opera EastEnders.

Kenny Cunningham: I’m against biennial World Cup.

“I’m against it,” Cunningham said when asked for this thoughts on Arsene Wenger’s plan to hold the World Cup every two years instead of four.

“It’s too much information for me to absorb!” he added with a laugh. “It reminds me a little of when EastEnders went from two episodes a week to three back in the nineties. Absolutely killed it.

“It’s a prestigious competition, one we all get excited about regardless of whether our own countries are participating. We all enjoy it, we buy into it and when it’s over we need to recalibrate for a three-year period.

“Having it every two years demeans the tournament and I just wouldn’t enjoy it as much.”

Gary Neville sees the logic in the idea.

Cunningham’s point of view is one that is shared by many fans around the world, even if the thought of of comparing the idea to one of Britain’s most-loved TV shows wouldn’t spring to mind for most.

Gary Neville, on the other hand, has already stated that he sees logic in the idea of having a World Cup every two years, saying that “One of Arsene’s ideas is you put all World Cup qualifiers into a four-week period in October and November and it’s all done in a concentrated period without all these little mini-breaks.”

He countered this by adding: “The problem at the moment is the delivery and execution of it through a time where we’ve just experienced the European Super League.

“There is a feeling that it’s about money. I get that and and we’ve got to be careful that we don’t saturate the game and squeeze too much juice out of the orange.”

A feasibility study on the potential of a biennial World Cup is underway and Fifa are said to have the backing of 166 of 210 national associations.

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