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John Meyler details hurling conversation he had with Jurgen Klopp

John Meyler on Jurgen Klopp’s love of hurling.

John Meyler has been speaking about Jurgen Klopp’s love of hurling, with the two men sharing a conversation about the game at a soccer fundraiser.

The ex-Cork hurling manager has had a number of encounters with the Liverpool boss, due to his son David being close to a number of Reds players.

The Meylers are close to the Liverpool squad.

Former Ireland midfielder David played with Jordan Henderson at Sunderland and with Andy Robertson at Hull City, meaning that the Meyler family are often in and around the Liverpool squad.

Meyler Senior has now revealed that Klopp takes more than a passing interest in hurling, telling RTE Radio One’s Saturday Sport that the pair had a good conversation about the sport at a charity football game in Glasgow in 2018.

“David goes to the James Milner Foundation dinner every year and he bought me there, a couple of years ago,” the former dual GAA player said.

John Meyler: “Klopp just wanted to talk about hurling.”

“But then he bought me a prize to be assistant manager to Klopp in Celtic Park for the Liverpool Legends against the Celtic Legends.

“That was on a Sunday but on the Saturday night, Klopp had been at a testimonial in Germany in Borussia Dortmund and he was tired and he said to me, ‘John, you can take over, you can manage Liverpool for the day and I will help you.’

“He was incredible but he wanted to talk about hurling. I wanted to talk about football. It was brilliant.”

Meyler goes on to explain that Klopp was fascinated by the differences between hurling and soccer, with one being that personnel problems can’t be fixed with money in the native Irish game.

Jurgen Klopp is a “massive fan of hurling.”

“He’s a massive fan of hurling, the speed of hurling and all of that but I said to him, ‘There’s one difference between you and me as a manager… I’ve to make do with the 35 Cork hurlers I have on the panel. You’ve only one Liverpool player on your panel, Trent Alexander-Arnold, who’s from Liverpool,” Meyler expands.

“I said, ‘If you want a centre-forward, you can spend €50m and buy somebody, I can’t do that.’ He was fascinated by that and the stats and all the psychology side of it and the training.”

At this point in time, Klopp is a busy man but whenever he wants to head to a hurling game across the Irish Sea, he’ll surely be able to rely on the Meylers to keep him up to speed.

You can listen to John Meyler’s full interview on RTE Radio One here.

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