Graeme Souness slams Paul Pogba for “leg-breaker” challenge v Wolves

Graeme Souness hits out at Paul Pogba.

Graeme Souness described the Paul Pogba challenge which led to Manchester United’s goal on Sunday as a “leg-breaker”.

In the build-up to Mason Greenwood’s winner, Pogba went in for a challenge with Wolves’ Ruben Neves and appeared to at least clip his opponent’s shinguard.

Wolves players and management called for Greenwood’s goal to be ruled out and those in the Sky Sports studio were in agreement.

Graeme Souness: “Pogba doesn’t make contact.”

“It is a foul,” Souness said. “Pogba doesn’t make any contact with the ball whatsoever. He made contact with the shin and the shinguard.

“How is it not a foul? That’s a leg-breaker. The referee is not blind-sided by anything, he’s two metres away from it. Whether Neves goes down immediately or doesn’t go down, that is immaterial. That is a leg-breaker. Look how close he is.”

Referee Mike Dean was standing right next to Pogba and Neves when the challenge occurred as it was pointed out on Match of the Day last night that he winced when he saw it.

Souness reserved some criticism for Dean, saying: “That referee has deemed that not to be a foul. That’s impossible for anyone who knows anything about football to say that’s not a foul. He’s two yards away.

“He’s nowhere near the ball. It’s more than worrying. It’s alarming when a so-called senior referee doesn’t see that as a foul.”

Roy Keane agreed with Souness, saying: “We all like the physical part of the game, but today I think that was a foul.”

Paul Pogba defends himself.

In his post-match interview, Pogba defended himself, described the challenge as a “50-50.”

“This is the Premier League, it was a 50-50, every weekend that is happening. We win the ball and we scored,” he said.

For his part, Neves was still fuming after the game, telling Sky Sports that “everyone saw it.”

“I don’t know why, we always do meetings with referees about VAR,” he added. “They said before the season started that if the contact is strong enough they’ll give the foul, I showed them my leg and it’s their decision.”

The result leaves Wolves without a point in their opening three games of the Premier League season, while the win for Man United places them third in the table on seven points.

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