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Gary Neville gets the Roy Keane glare for asking Saipan question

Gary Neville asks Roy Keane a question about Saipan.

Gary Neville has gone where few others go with Roy Keane these days, and asked about his experience in Saipan ahead of the 2002 World Cup.

While no Ireland supporters will need reminding of what happened on that Pacific island in May 2002, Neville and a few other outsiders may still have a few questions.

Roy Keane reflects on Saipan.

The pundit took his opportunity when he appeared with Keane and Micah Richards in a Sky Bet preview of the 2002 World Cup, and it’s fair to say it didn’t go down too well.

Richards asked the lads about their worst World Cup experiences, and he and Neville ended up in stitches when Keane responded with: “Well obviously, I missed a World Cup, I’d a couple of arguments.”

“Did you go over to that World Cup thinking you were going to have an argument?,” asked Neville, to which Keane scoffed, before aiming his infamous glare in the direction of his former Manchester United teammate.

“I still wanted to play.”

After a perfectly-timed silence, Richards and Neville are guffawing again before Neville continues: “Sometimes it’s brewing for a bit with you… look at your smirk, I know you!”

“Lots of things can be brewing, it had been building since I was about 15,” laughed Keane. “I still wanted to play. Don’t be suggesting that.

“It was more when we got over there, with the conditions and the accusations that were thrown against me, that’s when I got upset,” added the Corkman, before easing the tension by reaching for a slice of toast.

Wet ‘n Wild.

Despite what happened in 2002, Keane does hold fond memories of his time at the 1994 World Cup in the United States, when he was part of Jack Charlton’s squad that reached the last 16.

“The highlight of my career in terms of World Cups was ’94,” he said. “But that was going to the water parks in Florida in between the games. It was brilliant. Wet ‘n Wild!

“You know when you’d get days off… we’d get plenty with Ireland. We’d go straight down to the water park. Brilliant, honestly. Wet ‘n Wild, I’d recommend it.”

We’ll be seeing plenty of Keane and Neville as they work for ITV at the World Cup in Qatar, but for now you can watch the full aforementioned conversation via this link, with Keane’s death stare coming in at the 11:45 mark (Sign-in required).

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