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Gareth Bale asked about his guiltiest pleasure and the answer is no surprise

gareth bale golf

Gareth Bale is a famous golf fan.

Gareth Bale likes golf. Everyone knows this and everyone is pretty much tired of the jokes about the Welshman’s love of the sport.

However, when he’s fuelling the gags himself, he’s only got himself to blame. Bale has taken part in a Q&A with the The Guardian Lifestyle section and among the topics of discussion was the Real Madrid’s star’s guiltiest pleasure.

Gareth Bale: “I love watching golf.”

“Watching the PGA Tour until late at night,” is Bale’s unsurprising answer. “I love watching golf. What I am inspired by the most is how the top players can perform under such huge pressure, especially in a sport where the margin for error and the difference between a good shot and a bad shot is so small.”

It wasn’t the only reference to golf in the interview either, with the 32-year-old also asked how he likes to relax, a question which he answered by saying: “Playing golf or at home with friends and loved ones. With the pressures associated with being a professional footballer, I find relaxation in simplicity.”

Bale is often seen as a person who doesn’t let the stresses of being a footballer get to him, a view which has been exacerbated  in the past by images of him looking fairly relaxed while sitting on the Madrid bench.

Gareth Bale is back at Real Madrid.

His chilled persona comes across in this new interview as well, as he is asked what keeps him awake at night:

“I sleep very well,” he says. “Nothing keeps you awake when you know within yourself how much you care, how much you give, and that you always try your best. And that’s true for me, whether it’s on the pitch, on the international stage leading the line for my country, or at home.”

The constant speculation surrounding his future certainly doesn’t seem to have gotten to him as he embarks on new campaign with Real Madrid.

Bale played 68 minutes as Carlo Ancelotti’s second spell in charge of the club began with a 4-1 victory over Alaves last Saturday, indicating that the Wales captain will have a part to play this season after spending the last campaign on loan at Tottenham Hotspur.

Bale reunited with former manager.

Reunited with the manager with whom he won the Champions League for Los Blancos in 2014, it’s a far cry from the end of Bale’s working relationship with Ancelotti’s predecessor Zinedine Zidane.

Bale and the Frenchman were known to share a frosty relationship, with the forward being frozen out of the team for large spells of Zidane’s time in charge.

With four Champions League winners medals in his pocket though and plenty of golf to keep up with, it’s doubtful that Bale is too bothered.

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