Uefa president’s strong words on Super League proves it was right about one thing

Super League

Uefa president Aleksander Ceferin seems confident about the demise of Super League plans.

One of the most controversial suggestions for football reform in recent times came when a Super League was announced for some of Europe’s top teams.

While the idea had its merits as far as watching top quality football goes, the decision faced a barrage of criticism for being detrimental to other football clubs outside the select few.

Uefa’s president Aleksander Ceferin certainly hasn’t forgotten about it and seems to take great joy in the face that the move was unsuccessful.

“The Super League, there’s nothing super about this,” he said.

“It’s over. This is over, they can do whatever they want. Now it’s a matter of egos more than anything else. I’m sure that legally and morally we’re right.”

Morally right?

The current structure for European football and does maintain the balance of allowing top competition to face each other while still providing other teams with an opportunity to succeed.

While Uefa take pride in having the morally superior standpoint to the proposed Super League, Cerefin’s comments seem disingenuous, especially when it comes to his denial of Uefa having a monopoly over the market.

“The thing is that they claim Uefa has a monopoly and we tell them we don’t have a monopoly, you can play your own competition if you want.

“It’s strange that you say you have your own competition but at the same time you say you want to play our competition.”

While Cerefin’s comments seem to mock the Super League he does prove their point right. Uefa’s presence does make a proposed change like this near impossible, even if there was a way to make things fair for smaller teams.

The simple fact is that it is impossible for a big reform to come if it comes at the cost of Uefa as they do have too much power.

If you take the Super League for what it could be, which is the top tier of unified European football, it starts to sound very appealing but to keep it fair, entry would have to be open to a second string competition with relegation and promotion available.

While Uefa exists, it seems impossible that a full restructuring of the system could happen while it caters for multiple tiers of European football. It might actually be impossible to make it work without Uefa being part of the system.

“For me this story is more or less over, some people still insist (it’s possible) but some people also insist the earth is flat.”

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