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The seemingly bizzare advice that Ralf Rangnick gave Thomas Tuchel

Tuchel Rangnick

Thomas Tuchel on Ralf Rangnick

With Ralf Rangnick expected to join Manchester United, managers like Thomas Tuchel that learned from him will be watching particularly closely to see what happens next.

Tuchel appreciated what Rangnick has taught him and even though one of his main analogies might sound bizarre, it encapsulated what managers like Tuchel have learned from the prospective United manager.

“He helped me a lot because he was my coach and then he was one of the main figures to convince me to try coaching so he had a huge influence on all of us at this time,” he said.

“He showed us that it’s not necessary to follow people to the toilet in football games because that was the belief and these days defenders follow their strikers wherever they go and he showed us that it’s possible to defend everybody in a zone.”

As nothing on the topic has been confirmed, Tuchel also wanted to respect Rangnick but said that he might talk more about him once a decision has been reached.

“Listen, before I get carried away and talk too much, he is not appointed yet. Let’s respect everybody, let’s respect Ralf, his decision and the club’s decision and when things are done we can, maybe, talk about it.”

United’s title chances

With United’s standing in the league not looking so good following a poor run of form under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, one would expect that Tuchel might not consider them much of a threat but the Chelsea boss said nothing of the sort.

When asked if he thought United could have challenged for the title at the start of the season, Tuchel said, “I was and maybe I still am.

“I will never write anybody off. Not in this league and not in this game because it is a big club, first of all, but it is very experienced with a top-level group of players.

“This is still the case and part of the performance from us is to not let them perform because once we let them perform you can see within seconds and within minutes the full potential and the talent of these players which is on the highest level.

Chelsea will face United over the weekend with Michael Carrick still in charge while the side waits for further news on Rangnick.

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