“No one else wanted him” – Tim Sherwood calls Ralf Rangnick lucky to be Man United manager

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Tim Sherwood claims he isn’t a fan of Ralf Rangnick and urges Manchester United fans to calm down.

With so much hype around Man United’s new manager, Ralf Rangnick, Tim Sherwood has urged the oLD Trafford faithful to calm down and not get too far ahead of themselves.

“I just think Man United fans need to relax a little bit. If they play the way he wants them to play against the top teams, then you can give him credit.

“I think he’s earned the right to be where he is but I think he’s lucky to be a Man United manager. I really do.”

Celebrations over United appointing Rangnick seem bizarre to Sherwood as he points out that there was no battle to get him despite Rangnick’s claims that Chelsea had previously been looking to sign the ‘Godfather of the Gegenpress’.

“No one else wanted him. It wasn’t a fight for this guy. This man was available, they think he’s the best man for it and yes, he looks very good at talking to the press, he spins it brilliantly.”

Even beyond claiming that celebrations were premature, Sherwood claimed that he isn’t a fan of Rangnick yet.

“I’m not a fan yet and I think it’s right to be cautious about it. I’ve seen managers before who talk very, very well but the talking has to be done on the pitch and we have to see improvement in Man United.

“They’re underachieving and I say it time and time again. The job of a good manager is to get the best out of the individuals, what you’ve got at your disposal.”

A stylistic match?

With his specific style of football proving to be popular for other managers like Jurgen Klopp in the Premier League, Rangnick should be expected to do great things.

The issue has been pointed out before, however, that United mightn’t be best suited towards the high intensity of pressing.

“The key to this high press… he keeps talking about this high press… is how high can your defenders defend up the pitch. Have you got centre-halves who can defend 1 vs 1, on their own?

“Then your midfield will get closer to your forwards and it makes it easier. Then the likes of 36-year-old Ronaldo will be able to get in contact and will be able to press.”

One element that should help Man United, according to Sherwood, is that Varane’s return could inject some pace into their defence but he has admitted that it could call Harry Maguire’s position into question.

“When Varane comes back, it’s going to help him out because he’s got pace but where that leaves Harry Maguire remains to be seen.”

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