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Thomas Tuchel is concerned at the number of mistakes Chelsea are making

Chelsea loss to West Ham

Thomas Tuchel’s Chelsea concern

Despite losing against West Ham, Thomas Tuchel didn’t believe that Chelsea played that poorly in their match, but did concede that there were too many mistakes made.

“I don’t think we did a bad match. It was an ok match. We can win with this performance, it’s tough to play here.

“We did too many individual mistakes here today, we did already against Man United, we did already against Watford and got punished for it.

“If you want to have results on this kind of level you have to minimize the mistakes. We talked about it before which obviously did not help and that’s the story.”

The mistakes

When reliving some of the worse moments from the match, Tuchel had to revisit the penalty and had to admit that the match wasn’t Edouard Mendy’s finest. Tuchel didn’t use Mendy as a scapegoat and simply said that a bit more luck was what they needed.

“Everybody is involved, the pass back is not the best decision, the orientation is not the best and then we can save it but decision making is also not the best from Edou [Mendy] in this moment and you concede.

“Even then you score a second one and you lead at halftime. We created a lot of chances, we have a lot of touches in the box but sometimes you need a bit of luck… this is what we did not have.”

The individual mistakes were undeniable, however, and Tuchel felt that the performance wasn’t fitting for a side that are supposed to be at the top of the table.

“I think the second goal is a goal that you can concede but the third one, again, is a strange one and in general, the first two big chances that in the first half is our individual mistakes.

“We have a horrible passback into the feet of the opponent. You cannot do this on this level. This is a top-four Premier League level, this is way too many mistakes. It’s impossible to make so many mistakes and expect a result.”

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