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“We are still human beings” – Patrick Vieira on Steve Bruce abuse

Bruce abuse

Patrick Vieira believes that the abuse against Steve Bruce has gone too far.

When asked what makes a manager take on such a role despite knowing that it will lead to constant speculation and abuse, one could speculate it’s about the money or fame. Patrick Vieira, however, believes it comes down to a love of the game and says that it’s why he does it.

He said: “I think it’s the love of the game, the passion of the game. At the same time there’s pressure that goes with the game… We are involved in the number one sport in the world.

“Everyone is a manager and we can receive criticism of the way the team is playing because we are managers. We will take and have taken responsibility.”

While Vieira knows that it is part of the job, he believes that what has been said of Steve Bruce, recently, has gone too far and that it’s not just the manager that suffers.

“I think, sometimes, that’s going over the line. I think the abuse that he received was unacceptable and when we are talking about this kind of abuse we are talking about any kind of abuses.

“That can mean any kind of discrimination. That can mean any kind of abuse the managers receiving. I think that’s unacceptable and I think we know where we are and we know the importance of managers and the responsibility that we are taking. I think people are going over the line… We are still human beings and we still have family and that can have an impact on our family as well.”

Not quite in Bruce’s situation

Vieira appreciates that it can be draining but doesn’t put himself in the same position as Bruce. He believes that the criticism is unfair for a manager as seasoned as Bruce. While it wouldn’t make him quit now, it could be a different story if he was in Bruce’s position.

“I’m not at the level of Steve. I think he deserves a lot of credit because I think as a manager when you go and manage more than a hundred, a thousand games at that level I think that shows the consistency of the work that you’ve been doing.

“The media today is really difficult but we have to be strong to deal with it.”

The former French international expressed how pivotal a good support network can be for managers going through this.

“I think it’s important for people to understand it’s not at the time really easy. That’s why the support around, from the family, from the clubs, it’s really important.”

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