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Simon Jordan slams claims that Chelsea have underachieved this season

Simon Jordan Chelsea

Simon Jordan defends Chelsea from underachiever label.

With Chelsea’s hopes of a Premier League or Champions League medal over this season, many have been quick to jump to the conclusion that they’ve underachieved, a belief that Simon Jordan doesn’t share.

While a lack of accolades beyond a Club World Cup win could point to that, Jordan claims that their situation has to be taken with a pinch of salt when you look at their competition.

“This Chelsea side, given what we know now, are they better than Man City and are they better than Liverpool?” asked Jordan on talkSPORT.

“If the answer is no and they finish third in the league and they get to an FA Cup and they potentially win that, they get to a league cup final and they lose that in penalties, they win world club championships, what part of this is an underperforming season?”

Tough competition

There have been issues during the season and concerns surrounding the future of the club but Thomas Tuchel’s side have performed well for the majority of the season.

With poorer results in recent times, concerns have grown that they could lose their third-place spot in the league table but Jordan doesn’t think that’s going to happen.

“The likelihood is that they aren’t going to get eclipsed by Arsenal. They’re likely to finish third,” said Jordan when asked about Arsenal’s chances of overtaking their London rivals.

One of the bigger issues to hit Chelsea this season was Lukaku’s underwhelming run of form with some truly poor moments spread throughout his season.

“The biggest disappointment was Lukaku that was brought in to kick them on and didn’t. He did everything but kick them on.

“With all that in mind, which part of this season do we think, really, Chelsea have underachieved in?”

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