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Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher slam Ralf Rangnick’s consultant role plans

Roy Keane Ralf Rangnick ten Hag

Jamie Carragher claims Ralf Rangnick’s plans are ‘just nonsense.’

Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher didn’t seem to think much of Ralf Rangnick’s future plans at Man United when they discussed his consultant role on Monday Night Football.

While it was always the plan that Rangnick would take on a different role after finishing the current season, it came as a shock to many when it was revealed that he would be able to take on another managerial role at the same time. Carragher was particularly sceptical about the situation and said, “Ralf Rangnick isn’t really a manager.

“He’s a director of football, he’s someone who probably helps the coaches or builds the club.

“That’s the talk about the role he’s in but I’ll be honest with you, I just don’t get that. I don’t think he can be the manager of Austria and work for Man United. The manager of Austria should not be working part-time for Man United. That’s just nonsense.”

Roy Keane’s take on Ralf Rangnick’s new role

Keane was in agreement with Carragher but not necessarily for the same reasons. Keane may not have expressed an issue with the dual role but instead questioned the need for Rangnick’s position in the first place.

“I think he could do that (his role objectives) over the next few weeks,” said Keane.

“I think that can be just a short-term thing where he’s passing on the information. This idea that he needs to stay on as a consultant… I don’t see it either.

“How many people do you need at your club to be passing advice to the manager? He’s going to bring his own staff, they’ve got a technical director, a chief executive, a scouting network. How many opinions do you need? You can help the manager when he first comes in with a few phone calls.

“This idea that he can work two days a month and help Man United… I don’t see it either.”

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