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Roy Keane shares how his Man United squad originally felt about Cristiano Ronaldo

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Roy Keane reveals his first impressions of Cristiano Ronaldo.

At 37, Cristiano Ronaldo has proven that he can still be the top player at a top tier team like Man United, and with such a storied career up to this point, Roy Keane decided to share his memories of the early days of Ronaldo’s career.

When asked about his opinions on the Portuguese star’s first impressions at the club, Keane revealed it involved fellow Irish man John O’Shea learning just how good the wonder kid was.

“I thought he was very lucky he was up against John O’Shea,” said Keane on Monday Night Football.

“He made John O’Shea look very, very bad, let me tell you.

“With Sheasy, to be fair, we were jet-lagged. We had just come back from America pre-season but Ronaldo was excellent”

Keane was instantly impressed by Ronaldo especially when it came to his bravery in decisions off the pitch.

“The message he sent… when the deal was done but they gave him the option to stay on loan at Lisbon, he said, ‘I want to go to Man United straight away and have an impact.’

“Of course, you have to learn. In terms of end product, he was going down very easily, which he can still do I suppose. That’s just a trait, he’s not perfect.”

‘We all took to him.’

With so much talk about the wrong personalities coming into the dressing room at Man United these days, it’s refreshing to hear how it used to be when Keane claims that Ronaldo was the kind of player that the whole dressing room could get behind.

“We all liked him. It does help if you go into a dressing room and you had that innocence.

“We thought, ‘This kid loves the game, he wants to get better, you’re at the right club, we’ll help you.’ But the bottom line is, it will come down to yourself.”

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