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Premier League fans rip apart ‘supercomputer’ season predictions

supercomputer fans

Fans not impressed with latest ‘supercomputer’

A recent Premier league predicting ‘supercomputer’ has released its predictions for the rest of the season and some fans are not impressed.

Since being released, the shocking predictions for the rest of the season have amassed quite a bit of attention but not necessarily for the right reasons.


While the defending European champions could be likely to see success in their domestic title race this season the supercomputer might have been generous with the quality of defending the blues will be able to put on show.

Thomas Tuchel referee

While Chelsea’s defence is by no means lacking, the prospect of only conceding one more goal for the rest of the season is an achievement that would seem rather unlikely. Chelsea currently holds the record for fewest goals conceded in a season with their 04/05 season when Mourinho was at the helm and while Chelsea’s current defence could rival that, only conceding one goal seems like a result that even N’Golo Kante won’t be able to produce.

Many football fans took to Twitter to share their surprise;

“It says we’re going to concede just 1 goal in the remaining PL games? Conceding just 4 goals a season has never been done in football history.”

“I will not rest until supercomputer tells me who is scoring the one goal Chelsea concedes for the rest of the season!!”


Another forecast that was sure to surprise fans, was that of Brentford’s promising season. The forecast would see them qualify for champions league football ahead of predicted 5th place, Manchester United.

Yet again, fans were quick to display their frustration with some criticising the logic that teams like United and Leicester would place below the newly-promoted side. To fulfil the expectations of the supercomputer, Brentford would be expected to concede only 9 goals for the rest of the season. This would see Brentford’s defence match the current record of least goals conceded in a season by Mourinho’s Chelsea.

Reactions to the prediction have not been in favour of the supercomputer.

“As much as a state they’re in right now, I can’t see Spurs or Arsenal picking up fewer points than Brentford across the season. Would be surprised if Brighton and Everton didn’t too. 10th or 11th would be realistic and an amazing achievement for Brentford.”

“There is also no way they only concede 9 between now and the end of the season god only knows what calculations they put into this.”

Harsher predictions for others

The rest of the criticism for the supercomputer seemed to revolve around Southampton, Spurs and Arsenal. Spurs and Arsenal placing in 12th and 13th respectively may be quite the shock but Southampton being relegated and not winning a game all season seems even worse to some fans.

“I don’t see Southampton relegating and Brentford in fourth??? Arsenal in 13 position??? Joke of the century.”

“Okay my favourite one is that it predicts teams finishing in the bottom half won’t win a single away game for the rest of the season”

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