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Paddy Pimblett kicked out of Vicarage road and Watford pub during Liverpool match

Pimblett Watford

Paddy Pimblett was kicked out of Vicarage Road, during Liverpool’s 5-0 victory against Watford, for celebrating in the home end.

Pimblett, and the group he was with, were kicked out of Watford’s home stadium as the stewards told them that it was for their own safety.

Pimblett reacted by saying, “We haven’t done anything wrong mate, it wasn’t just us who celebrated.” His pleas fell on deaf ears though as the stewards continued to kick them out with one steward saying “It’s for your own safety mate, you’re not in your home side.”

The conversation continued with one steward asking “Are the lads being evicted then?” and another responding “For their own safety, they’ll get murdered in here.”

Still not impressed

The Liverpool cohort still wasn’t having it though, as one of Pimblett’s party explained that the reason they were in the home end was that they had been invited by Watford keeper Ben Foster saying “we got invited here by your own goalie” after another member of the group had pointed it out to stewards “look, there’s me tickets, got his name on it.”

A member of the group then said, “You singled us out, out of like 20 people who celebrated, discriminating against us” as they were being kicked out but while one steward wanted to respond another ended the conversation saying, “Don’t argue with them, leave them.”

Pimblett went on to say how many people would see the video when talking to a fan. While he said it loud enough for the steward to hear, the steward ignored him and closed the gate.

Pimblett then posted an Instagram story to continue the saga as his group had been kicked out of a pub.

“Now we’ve been kicked out of a boozer by stewards because it’s a home boozer.”

While Pimblett thanked Ben Foster for the tickets, he definitely wasn’t happy, and wished some bad luck upon Watford.

“Watford, Ben Foster, I love you mate but I hope Watford go down, yous’ are horrible (sic).”

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