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Mikel Arteta claims he’s been unfair to Eddie Nketiah after his performance against Chelsea

Eddie Nketiah

“If there’s one player that I’ve been unfair with, I think it’s him.”

After putting in a stellar performance against the club that let him go as a teenager, Eddie Nketiah has earned his praise and an apology from Mikel Arteta.

“If there’s one player that I’ve been unfair with, I think it’s him,” said Arteta of Nketiah after he scored two goals in Arsenal’s 4-2 victory over Chelsea.

“He has given me every right to do something different so if Eddie hasn’t played more it’s my fault and because as a manager and I miss something or I haven’t had the courage to play him more and today he showed me how wrong I was.”

Nketiah was proud of his own performance as well and had to admit it helped that it was Chelsea he scored against.

“It makes it that bit more special, obviously I was here up until under 14s and got let go so you always have that chip on your shoulder,” said Nketiah.

“It’s good that I got two goals but it’s not about me, it’s about the team.”

Nketiah earning a shot

While Arteta feels like he might have been unfair in the chances he’s given to Nketiah, him being given the opportunity will go to show Arsenal players how they can get their shot.

According to Arteta, the opportunity came because of how hard he saw Nketiah work in training.

“If you see the way they train, if you see the training session that we had on Sunday after the defeat,” said Arteta.

“How they trained… I think it’s the reason why we won.

“To good people, good things happen guys and we have some really really good people in that dressing room and that shows when they are involved in difficult moments and when they are not involved, not in the good moments.”

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