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Ligue 1 chairman slams La Liga president for ‘disrespectful smears’ and hypocricy

Kylian Mbappe Ligue 1 La Liga

Ligue 1 chairman Vincent Labrune responds to La Liga complaints over Kylian Mbappe

After La Liga complained that they would report PSG over “non-compliance with UEFA’s financial fair play,” Ligue 1 chair, Vincent Labrune, felt the need to respond.

Labrune responded with a barrage of serious allegations against the Spanish league and their president, Javier Tebas, that ranged from hypocrisy to lacking respect for their own players.

“First, in relation to financial stability and sustainability, two of your clubs – Real Madrid and Barcelona – have broken a multitude of records in the past decade,” read Labrune’s letter.

“In terms of transfer fees, these two clubs have broken the world record six times. In terms of player salaries, Real Madrid currently has two of the highest-paid players in world football sat on their bench (Gareth Bale and Eden Hazard).

“In terms of debt, Barcelona is reported to have a debt level of €1.5billion, and this is despite the European Court of Justice finding that Real Madrid and Barcelona benefitted from illegal state aid.

“Over the past 10 years, LaLiga spent 32 per cent more on players than Ligue 1; and significantly more on foreign players outside your own league compared to Ligue 1.”


If calling La Liga out for what they had accused PSG of wasn’t enough, Labrune continued on to air other grievances he has with Ligue 1.

Labrune admitted that he believed Tebas had unfairly categorised his league in recent times and targetted it unnecessarily, complaining about how ‘competitive balance’ claims were unfounded as LaLiga saw more variety in victors than most top European leagues.

To end his letter, however, Labrune decided to point out where Tebas has failed to simply respect his own league’s players.

“Finally, one final comment would be a simple request to treat players in our league and across European football with some respect.

“When Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos and others left your league – by choice – last year, rather than acknowledging their greatness (which you had weeks prior to their departure) you commented on their age and brandished our league as being ‘like the league of legends given the age of some players.

“Now your disrespectful smears seem to be directed towards Kylian Mbappe who is widely acknowledged to be one of the world’s greatest players and who simply didn’t join your league, by choice, despite having received a similar offer.

“Unlike you, Ligue 1 lauds and promotes players both in our league and across Europe – including those in your league.

“Someone in your various positions might be wise to consider the same.”

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