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“You are not that influential during a game” – Klopp claims halftime is when to reach players

Ralf Rangnick style of play

Jurgen Klopp claims that he can’t do much for the team during play so halftime is when he needs to influence them.

Klopp claims that it can be difficult for players to hear him while the game is in play so he aims to deliver important messages at halftime.

“I’m not the biggest influence on my team during a game because it’s very loud in the stadium. It was in Wanda Metropolitano, it was very loud.

“Pep Lijnders was constantly talking to me and I understood pretty much 10% and we were next to each other.”

jurgen klopp

Visual expression

While it can be hard to convey messages to players, Klopp knows that a player can see when he’s frustrated.

“You are not that influential during a game. It’s more visual. ‘Oh the boss doesn’t look happy or whatever.’

“So, yes. I think it’s very important that we say the right stuff at the right moment. Before the game, in half time and, if you can reach out to them, during the game as well.”

While it doesn’t always have to be a big speech, Klopp thinks the halftime talk is important for multiple reasons.

“That’s my job. To analyse things in the right way and to tell the boys to keep going or how we have to improve or how we can use the information we got in the first half. That’s the job”

Ahead of United match

When asked about United, Klopp paid respect. Despite some poor results he still credited them with being a dangerous opposition.

“We all know how the world in football is. United Liverpool is a massive game, we know that.

“I think Man United is not overly happy with the results they got so far but we all know that they are able to do incredible stuff. That’s how it is and we saw it already.

While United could be more of a threat at halftime, Klopp thinks that all he can do is focus on his own side and say he will be sure to do so after the 45-minute whistle.

“We try to focus mainly on ourselves but of course, if you ask me about halftime talks, the game is over after the final whistle, not after the whistle at 45/46 minutes.”

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