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Jurgen Klopp’s advice for aspiring managers

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Jurgen Klopp gave his take on social media and claimed that managers should avoid it if they want to do their jobs well.

Jurgen Klopp has given advice to young and aspiring managers following the recent criticism and hate that Steve Bruce has received. When asked about how to deal with criticism from social media, Klopp has a simple response

“Don’t read it, don’t watch it. Especially not in average or bad periods. That’s the best advice you can give to every manager in the world so I’m really sorry for Steve.”

Klopp shared this advice as he knows how well it has worked for him. Klopp believes it to be an important key to longevity in the role.

Avoid it at all costs

“I think that’s one of the most important skills in modern football for a manager is, either way, not to let criticism get too close to you or just ignore it. That’s what I do and so far in my career, I never felt it like Brucey felt it now.

“I don’t know but that’s the situation and that’s the way the world is. Everybody can say what they want. That’s fine for me because I don’t read it but if you read it then it might hurt.

“That’s the part social media, communication, wireless communication, that I don’t understand.”

Klopp knows that the matter is not exclusive to football managers and believes ignoring it to be the best option.

“So, there’s always two parts. If you read it and you say it and they say bad things out there and not only about managers. About the world, about all big decision-makers on this planet and stuff like this and then you need somebody who reads it.

“If you don’t read it, it can not harm you. So that would be my advice for young managers and then you can do the job pretty long and pretty well.”

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