Jurgen Klopp claims he isn’t proud of his time at Liverpool

Jurgen Klopp

Jurggen Klopp claims he isn’t proud of his time at Liverpool but believes it has been rewarding

While most fans and even supporters of opposing teams would have to admit that Jurgen Klopp has done something special with Liverpool, he surprisingly claimed that he wasn’t proud of his 350 games in charge.

While that may come as a surprise with the achievements Liverpool have earned since he arrived at the club, it wasn’t the main focus of his feelings. Klopp said that what he really felt about his time at the club was happiness.

When asked after his side’s 3-0 victory over Brentford if he was proud of his 350 games in charge of the club, Klopp said, “I’m not proud of it, to be honest, but I am happy about it.

“When I arrived here 2015, October, when you look back at the pictures I look completely different so, obviously, it was quite an intense time since then.”

While pride wasn’t the overwhelming emotion for Klopp, his emotional investment in the club has grown over time and he feels it has been paid back even more.

“You invest a lot here but each little thing you do is really worth it.

“Because of the size of this club and how emotional this club is, how big this club is and how close we all are to each other so it becomes family.”

Not over yet

While 350 is a large amount of games for a manager to keep their position in this day and age, Klopp doesn’t seem like he’s ready to wrap it up any time soon.

“That’s how it is and then you want to stay longer but you don’t get the opportunity that’s right very often.

“I’m kind of lucky that I had that now a couple of times and I’m here again so I’m really happy about the story we are writing but we are, in my opinion, far away from finishing the book.

“We keep writing and see where we end up.”

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