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Jurgen Klopp looks back on his first time meeting Alex Ferguson

Alex ferguson Klopp

Jurgen Klopp’s first time meeting with Alex Ferguson went exactly as you would imagine.

While accepting his manager of the year award for a stellar season with Liverpool, Jurgen Klopp decided to tell the story of his first time meeting Alex Ferguson, a story that got a good laugh out of the audience.

Ferguson had apparently told Klopp to go somewhere with ambition and history but looking at how well he’s doing now, Ferguson later admitted that he wished he’d told him to go to Scunthorpe United.

Klopp laughed while thinking back on the moment but had a different perspective on what had happened.

“That’s somewhat true, that’s around 11 or twelve years ago when I was invited to an elite managers forum in Lyon,” said Klopp

“When it’s your first time there and you’re German you try to be there early.”

The early birds

With Klopp still relatively fresh on the scene at this point and Ferguson having already achieved legendary status, Ferguson was sure to give Klopp a bit of advice… even if Klopp couldn’t understand him.

“I arrived at reception and asked if anybody was there and they said Sir Alex is there in the breakfast room.

“I was looking in from the hall and he saw me and told me, ‘come in.’

“Whatever he told me that day, I didn’t understand a word.”

After spending some time in the Premier League with a Scottish player on his team, Klopp may now be better equipped to understand the accent but Klopp did follow his advice, whether that was intentional or not.

“My Scottish at the time was not that good but since then I’ve worked with Andy Robertson it’s getting better and better.”

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