Jamie Redknapp on Newcastle players – “Long term, how many of them are going to be here”

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With large scale investment and a spot near the bottom of the table, Jamie Redknapp believes that Newcastle’s team sheet will change a lot in the coming years.

While looking at the timeframe in which to expect success for the club, Redknapp knew the change wouldn’t happen overnight and when looking at Everton’s time since Farhad Moshiri took over the club, he knew there would be a big change in personnel too.

“It’s not (going to happen overnight) because if you’re looking at the squad, this is not being disrespectful to the players but long term, how many of them are going to be here? How many are going to be starting in the team that the Newcastle fans dream of in the next four or five years?”

“That’s going to cost a lot of money, a lot of investment, you’ve got to be smart, you have to get a really good director of football, a manager that you trust, that you’re going to get the right players into the club, selling it.

“There’s so much to look forward to but it’s going to take time, there’s going to be a lot of mistakes along the way.”

Comparing to Everton

Kieran Dyer agreed that things wouldn’t be easy and after hearing that Everton had invested £562 million, he wasn’t impressed.

“Recruitment‘s everything in a football club and that’s quite damning on Everton. That type of money that they have spent and there’s no improvement. Benitez has come in and their two gems are Townsend and Gray, who’ve basically set the world alight and they’ve cost basically nothing.”

Dyer also expected that the role of the next manager would be a temporary appointment to keep the club going until the benefits of the cash seep in.

“All the big hitters will want the job after the next manager. That’s when Newcastle will really be sinking their teeth in, have the infrastructure in place and they can attract players.”

“I’d say two to three years to get into Champions League football and start to push.”

One of Redknapp’s fear with the money was also that it wouldn’t be the motivator for the kind of player they would like.

Redknapp said, “Where you’ve got to be really careful is that you’ve got to sign players that really want to play for the shirt, not for the money, you don’t want mercenaries” but David Ginola was quick to respond, saying, “Do you know many of them?”

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