Ivan Toney speaks out on racial abuse suffered by family

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“It’s sad that I’m still having to sit here and talk about racism.”

Ivan Toney has decided to speak out after his and Rico Henry’s family members were racially abused during Brentford’s 3-2 win against Everton.

Speaking on Sky Sports, he revealed what the experience has been like.

“They’re fine,” said Toney, speaking about his family.

“My mum and my family stayed strong for me because they knew how I’d react to it. You still don’t expect that in this day and age at a football match, to anybody, let alone your parents who are coming to support you. Mine and Rico’s parents.”

Ivan Toney

While a loss can be upsetting and emotions can be heightened, Toney wanted to make it clear that there is never an excuse for racial abuse.

“Obviously (I felt) a lot of anger. Off the back of winning, you’re thinking about getting three points but then, hearing that straight away after, you just turn to anger and being upset that your family, which has come to support you all those miles, experienced that straight after a victory.

“It’s sad that I’m still having to sit here and talk about racism without my family just going to a game like any normal person and having a normal day. Emotions sometimes get the better of people but it should never come out that is a reason for being racist. You can be angry with certain results but never should you jump to discriminate against someone by the colour of their skin or whatever.

“We can’t paint all the Everton fans the same way, I’m sure it’s just one, silly individual and the embarrassment of it is I believe his son had to grab him away from doing further damage. It’s just disgusting and we need to put an end to it as soon as possible.”

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