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Ian Wright slams Gary Neville after controversial Arsenal comments

Ian Wright Gary Neville

Ian Wright wasn’t impressed by Gary Neville’s position on Arsenal’s surprising bid to postpone their London derby.

Arsenal’s bid to postpone their game against Spurs was a controversial one to say the least and has even led Arsenal legend, Ian Wright, to slam Gary Neville for his views on the matter.

The London Derby’s potential postponement status came as a surprise to many with Sky Sports even reporting that “Spurs’ hierarchy” believed there is no Covid outbreak at Arsenal.

A new feud?

Neville seems to be sick of Covid-related postponements or at least thinks that the time for serious concerns has now passed.

With a dip in overall cases and requests for postponed matches, Neville suggested that teams shouldn’t be given any further postponement opportunities.

“I repeat this is not about Arsenal but all teams should be made to play from now on in the PL and EFL.

“Also why has the decision been delayed until today when the request was last night at 6.30 pm. Fans will be setting off from all over the place and will be in limbo!”

Wright didn’t seem to buy Neville’s perspective on the matter and instead concluded that his reasoning for the statement was due to his own self-interests.


“It’s not about Arsenal or the fans. It’s about no more Super Sunday on Sky!”

Arsenal vs Spurs

With no update on the situation as it stands, Neville was at least right about fans being left in limbo in the hours before the match.

Supposing the match does go ahead, Arsenal’s improving form could be enough to carry them through their Covid situation as it stands.

Kick-off is scheduled for 4:30 pm but remains in question.

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