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Pep Guardiola expects a better Mauricio Pochettino if he returns to the Premier League

Guardiola Pochettino

Pep Guardiola expects an improved Mauricio Pochettino.

It may seem to many that Mauricio Pochettino’s time in the Premier League was cut short considering the progress that he was making.

Pochettino seemed to be overperforming at Spurs as the third quickest Premier League manager to win 100 Premier League games. He even brought the side to a Champions League final, despite them losing 2-0 to Liverpool.

While his time with the club was cut shorter than many fans would have liked, Pep Guardiola expects that he has improved since then. If true, it could only bode well for a Manchester United side looking to take him on.

When comparing the different challenges to facing Pochettino’s current PSG side to his old Spurs side, Guardiola expects a very different team.

He said: “That’s completely different. Different countries and different players. Even with the same managers, same team, one year for another one can be different because, with new players, many things can happen.

“Yeah, it’s completely different to when we faced Tottenham when he was there. Every season you go through you have a lot of learnings and I’m pretty sure he’s an excellent manager”

Winning Titles

The idea that a manager needs to win titles to be good is a myth to Guardiola and one that he quickly dispelled when asked about it.

“You can be a top manager without winning titles. The managers that have the chance to win the titles are in the top, top clubs with good investments and exceptional players otherwise, for the managers, is impossible to win.

“Even in the Championship, at the top of the league, managers can be excellent in tactics and communication and leading the teams. Of course, it’s not necessary to win titles to be a good manager.”

With Guardiola believing that Pochettino could do a lot with a good team, a seemingly talented United side that are in need of a quality manager could become a suitable appointment for the Argentinian.

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