Graeme Souness believes smaller teams could follow Brentford model for Premier League success


Greme Souness describes Brentford’s ‘fairy tale’ Premier League season.

Thomas Frank has done an exceptional job of turning a newly promoted Brentford side into a team capable of giving any Premier League team a run for their money, a fact that Graeme Souness seemed genuinely proud of.

“It’s a fairy tale,” said Souness after Brentford’s 3-2 win against Everton.

“Little Brentford move to a new stadium and more than held their own.”

Considering the talent surrounding them in the Premier League, Brentford truly have performed in such a competitive season.

“Go back to the very first game they played that Friday night against Arsenal. They were fabulous, bullied Arsenal off the pitch. I think they set their stall out that night.

“You know, ‘whoever comes to our stadium is going to have a very difficult day of football.'”

What’s more, is that the squad have excelled without the need for many big signings. The exception, of course, being Christian Eriksen but even his time at Brentford has followed Souness’ ‘heartwarming’ sentiments.

“That’s how they’ve played themselves. It’s honest, it’s heartwarming.

“They’re not a team that’s filled with expensive signings and I think it’s a model for anyone who are not the biggest in the Premier League.”

High praise

Currently sitting in 11th place, Souness is right in his assessment of the successful underdogs and their endearing style of play.

“From the owner all the way down to the staff that go out and scout the players, the manager and what he gets out of the players, they’ve been a real asset to the Premier League.

“People like watching them, they play an honest way of playing football.

“Yeah, they know their shortcomings but they show up and try to win every game.”

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