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Carragher’s key difference between Espirito Santo and Pochettinho

Carragher Espirito Santo

Jamie Carragher on the key difference that saved Mauricio Pochettinho after ten bad games but couldn’t do the same for Nuno Espírito Santo.

Jamie Carragher believed that Espirito Santo was never the right man for the job, following his recent sacking from Spurs. Carragher wasn’t surprised that Espirito Santo was sacked and even went as far as to say he isn’t suited to managing bigger clubs.

“I don’t think Nuno at Spurs ever felt right and what I would say is I don’t feel this is a bad sacking. I think it was a bad appointment initially.

“People talk about the Tottenham way. I think it’s just the top club way, how you want to play.”

Winnning over the media

Not only was it a tactical issue in Carragher’s mind but he also thought Espirito Santo couldn’t win the media or fans over. While it may have been premature to lay him off after ten games, Carragher believes the performance justified it.

“I also think Nuno, how he comes across, he doesn’t give too much away and I think in this day and age the media plays a big part in how supporters view their own manager and they hang off their every word and they analyse and dissect what a manager says.

“You get absolutely nothing from Nuno. That’s his way, fine but I don’t think that’s going to work at a club like Tottenham.

“For me, were the results that bad to deserve being sacked after 10 premier league games? I’d probably say no but the performance aligned with those results.”

“Ten Premier League games, Nuno V Poch”

Carragher pointed out that one of Spurs greatest managers of recent times, Mauricio Pochettinho, had a similar record after his first ten games.

“Tottenham’s best manager for over 30 years is Pochettinho and the Spurs fans would love to go back to the Pochettinho time of what they were doing, how they were playing but Pochetinho had a really tough start. I just want to look at Mauricio’s first ten Premier League games

“When we had him on the show he spoke about how important that 10th game was. I think Harry Kane gets a late winner at Aston Villa. He was feeling he was going to lose his job.”

Luckily for Spurs fans, Pochettinho did survive and went on to have great success with the club. The reason Pochettinho got this chance? Carragher believes it’s the comparatively entertaining style that Pochettinho brought.

Carragher compared the first ten games of the managers to illustrate his point.

“Nuno’s got more wins and he’s actually got more points, we see that at the top. The reason why Pochettinho survives is because there was something to almost get behind in terms of the performances and that’s what really let Nuno down.

“If we look in the Premier League ranks in terms of the goals. Almost the worst in the Premier League, (Espirito Santo) halfway up the Premier League flight (Pochettinho).

“Under Poch, even in those early 10 games, they’re creating chances, they’re on the front foot. As a supporter your thinking, ‘OK, we may have been a little bit unfortunate.’ Touches in the opposition box, night and day, goals conceded, obviously better under Pochettinho as well.

“What they were and what that shows you is, they were exciting, they were good to watch, they looked like they were going to score, maybe concede in those early years.”

Was ten games enough to tell?

Carragher used the example to highlight where the importance of entertaining football comes in and said that Espirito Santo’s performances were definitely lacking that.

“Under Nuno, the actual wins have not been convincing. They’ve only been by one goal. They’ve come away thinking they were quite fortunate there.

“So I think it’s as much about performance as results and that shows it and the example of Pochettinho is also telling.”

Carragher was asked if Pochettinho’s ability to turn it around means Espirito Santo’s sacking could be deemed premature but Carragher doesn’t believe the style of football could take off.

“Listen, you can look at that and argue because it’s such a small sample size in the job but I think the problem also for Nuno is, people are looking at what he did at Wolves. He did a great job at Wolves.

“He did a brilliant job but they weren’t a front foot team. They were boring to watch. They got results.

“If you’re going to play like that, you’ve got to win and he didn’t win and the games that he lost were bad ones. The ones he won, he just won but the ones he lost were sort of three or four goals and really poor performances.”

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