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Jamie Redknapp: Fans have to be careful what they wish for over Super League fiasco


Jamie Redknapp has urged fans to take a breath after a chaotic few days in football following the unveiling and subsequent collapse of the Super League.

The proposed new European Super League lasted less than 48 hours, as massive amounts of fan opposition saw all six Premier League clubs pull out of the new venture.

While Redknapp was one of many who was appalled by the possibility of the new league, the former Liverpool player told Sky Sports that he believes fans should be careful when calling for sanctions against the clubs involved.

“I was disgusted like everyone in football by what nearly happened. But I think, to a certain extent, right now everyone has just got to take a breath. There’s a lot of emotions running high and rightly so,” Redknapp started.

“But all of the clubs in the Premier League have pulled out. Thankfully, they’ve come to their senses and what they were quite thinking – none of us know.

“It was incredible that they had the audacity and the arrogance to think that they could get this to go ahead. We’re talking about points deductions and sacking boards and you’ve got to so careful when you’re saying these things.

“These guys own the clubs – you can’t just sack them. They’re there for a reason. The likes of [Manchester City owner] Sheikh Mansour and [Chelsea owner] Roman Abramovich – they’ve put so much money into the club.

“They’re business people. This has all been a business play. It’s always about money when you own a football club.”

‘Everyone makes mistakes in life.’

While many disliked the Super League as they saw it as a way for wealthy club owners to make more money, Redknapp warned against calling for said club owners to step down from their positions.

While the former England international was opposed to their attempt at creating the Super League, he believes future club owners would also look to make money from their purchases.

“I think that they’ve made a huge mistake but everyone makes mistakes in life. Sometimes you’ve got to just apologise for it and move on. There’s not a great deal you can do,” Redknapp said.

“If they do decide to sell the club or they get forced to sell the club and that’s what they decide to do because they feel like they can’t take the club forward – whoever comes in next is going to be in the same position.

“They’re going to want to earn money out of it. They’re probably not going to be Liverpool fans from day one. This is a power play and it’s a money play. I think we just have to be very careful about what we wish for here.”

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