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Fulham manager Scott Parker says that VAR will “destroy” football


Fulham manager Scott Parker has claimed that VAR will eventually “destroy” football as it takes raw emotion away from the game.

VAR has once again been at the centre of controversy in recent days. Chelsea’s Callum Hudson-Odoi let off for touching the ball with his outstretched hand against Manchester United. While Fulham’s Mario Lemina was penalised for a handball despite having his hand by his side against Tottenham Hotspur.

The International Football Association Board (IFAB) have announced that they will change the handball rule as a result of the Lemina incident, saying that accidental handballs that lead to a teammate having a chance on goal will not be considered an offence from the 1st of July.

Scott Parker: VAR will destroy football.

However, Parker said at a press conference on Friday that he is disappointed with the IFAB, and insisted that he will continue to see VAR in a negative light.

“I have just heard now that IFAB have decided to change that rule, which is disappointing,” Parker said, via the Irish Independent.

“My stance on VAR is not going to change. We are looking for perfection, and I am not just talking about football but about the world we live in.

“You take a selfie and you put 14 filters on to get the perfect complexion or the perfect coloured eyes and the reality is that there is something more to that and something deeper which is what we all want.

“We are trying to create a sterile, perfect-scenario game which I think ultimately, in the end, is going to destroy it. The game is about raw emotion.”

‘It’s going to leave everyone disappointed.’

The Fulham manager reckons that VAR’s flaws will be fully exposed when supporters are allowed back into stadiums, and that the system is being used far too frequently in matches.

“When the fans come back into the stadium and they experience first-hand the disappointment that can happen, and how it works. It is going to leave everyone disappointed at times,” Parker commented.

“That has always been my main worry and my main issue. From what has gone from just trying to get the real big decisions right has slowly turned into practically every decision in the game, trying to iron out any imperfection we have.

“When you are trying to do that you are going to lose something more important. I am afraid to say for me personally, I feel like we are losing it.”

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