Frank Lampard appeals to Premier League to end early kick offs

Frank Lampard has hit out at Premier League bosses over early kick off times, claiming they have a role in the increasing amount of injuries.

The Blues boss was speaking about this Saturday’s fixture against Newcastle at 12.30pm and claimed it would hindered his side’s preparation.

“The injuries are going up across the Premier League, the numbers are there, it is clear that the correlation of games, zero pre-season and a tight schedule.

“Change the time, it is not that difficult. We have to continue to look at the best way to change it,” Lampard said.

Dealing with coronavirus regulations

With a number of Chelsea players returning from international duty needing to pass coronavirus tests to be eligible to play, Lampard felt the fixture should have been rearranged.

“We are still waiting for some of the results of the tests that we now have to do as players are back from internationals.

“Unfortunately some of our players are arriving back this afternoon, some played last night, so with the 12.30 kick-off on Saturday there are clearly a lot of challenges for us.

“It’s not the best. If you talk about any team in the Premier League, we have been training with four players generally for these last two weeks, so the majority of our squad have been travelling.

“When you look at the scheduling, for me it is just a common sense factor. I think the broadcasters have never had as many slots for games as they have now. That 12.30pm slot, how much does it need to be there?

“If you look over the course of the season, at international duty, it is absolutely not the optimum way to have players preparing for a Premier League game, which is an incredible brand all around the world so you want the best of the brand,” Lampard commented.

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