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David Moyes calls for Scottish clubs to be included in the Premier League


West Ham manager David Moyes has called for a unified British football system which would see the likes of Celtic and Rangers play in the Premier League.

Just days after the proposed European Super League was shot down by supporters, Moyes has suggested that a different set of changes be made to British football.

While the West Ham manager disliked the idea behind the Super League, Moyes argued at a recent press conference that changes to need to be made to the existing structure of football in Britian.

“Change is needed in some way. I think the Premier League has a brilliant product, I really do, but at the top clubs you’re talking about too many games, so could we have Premier League I and Premier League II?” Moyes argued.

“Could we have a situation where we do invite Rangers and Celtic to Premier League II? Why can we not unite the UK? Why do we have to be England and Scotland and not unite it?

“Why can it not be a pyramid that allows teams in the Scottish leagues to get into Premier League II? In fact, I think actually more money would filter down if Rangers and Celtic could be given an opportunity to come in.”

Celtic Rangers manager

‘Why can we not unite the UK?’

Moyes didn’t explain exactly how his two-tier Premier League would work, but argued that his system would see clubs play less games each year domestically.

The Scottish manager appeared to suggest reducing the number of teams taking part in the Premier League, in order to give players an extra few weeks off every year.

“Why can we not unite the UK? We are in Brexit now, we have our country, so why not? Rangers and Celtic would only enhance what is happening in England,” Moyes argued.


“Why not try and make what we have got something new and maybe take a few less teams, maybe two out of the Premier League and put in Premier League II, and we have a few extra weeks.

“The big clubs have got such a big programme, and I can only see with the new programmes them getting so many more games, and it is getting too tough to play too many games.”

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