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Watch: Infamous Manchester United-Arsenal ‘Pizzagate’ Scandal Has Finally Been Solved

In 2004 Manchester United ended Arsenal’s 49-game unbeaten streak thanks to goals from Ruud van Nistelrooy and Wayne Rooney, however that game is arguably more famous as a result of a post-game food fight/brawl in the tunnel involving both sets of players.

During the incident United boss at the time Sir Alex Ferguson was infamously struck in the face by a slice pizza with the identity of the perpetrator remaining unknown, until now.

Former Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas has admitted once and for all it was he who threw pizza into the face of the legendary United manager in October 2004, following the match which became known as the ‘Battle of the Buffet’.

Players from both sides were scrapping after the match before Ferguson was left with pizza all over him after a member of the away dressing room threw it in his direction.

Fabregas, now of Chelsea, had previously been the rumoured culprit after a hint from former teammate Martin Keown, but he has finally confirmed it was him 13 years after the game, although he insists he had not meant to hit Ferguson.

Asked to confirm he threw the pizza on Sky 1’s A League of Their Own, this is what the Spaniard had to say:

“I heard noises and I thought what’s happening? So I go out with my slice of pizza and I saw Sol Campbell, Rio Ferdinand, Martin Keown – everyone pushing each other.

“I was like, ‘I want to get in but I don’t know how to’ and I threw – peeew –  just threw it. Once I saw it was hitting, like, who it was hitting, which I didn’t mean… I apologise Sir Alex, I really didn’t mean to do that!”


Tension between the two clubs was extremely high at the time as they were part of a two-horse race for the league title the previous season and they would go on to contest that season’s FA Cup final, which Arsenal would win on penalties.

Michael Keaveny, Pundit Arena

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