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Watch: Fascinating Chat Between Frank Lampard And Chris Sutton About Youth Football In England

Former Chelsea and Man City midfielder Frank Lampard and ex-Blackburn and Chelsea striker Chris Sutton were part of a fascinating discussion about youth football in England, based on the eagerly anticipated ‘No Hunger In Paradise’ documentary, which is to be aired on BT Sport at 6.30 this Sunday evening.

In the seven-minute chat, Lampard says that parents are unrealistic about their children’s chances of making it and are devastated when their son doesn’t make it, even though they are made aware by the clubs from the beginning that their child may well not make it.

While Calvin highlights the ‘bitchiness’ between parents and the lack of ‘perspective’ and that clubs are identifying young talent from an even earlier age nowadays, with examples of clubs approaching children from three-years old. 

He feels that children are being targeted by clubs too early and that there needs to be a greater ‘duty of care’ by clubs in this respect.

Sutton meanwhile cites the fact that children who are ‘in the system’ from as young as three until they are 16 but who fail to make it have their childhoods ‘destroyed’, and that clubs need to offer more of a support mechanism for those who don’t make it, something he feels doesn’t exist at the moment.

The documentary also includes contributions from Arsene Wenger, Gareth Southgate and Steven Gerrard and promises to be one of the sporting documentaries of the year.

Hefin Jones, Pundit Arena

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