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Watch: Philippe Coutinho Attempts To Recreate Steven Gerrard’s Olympiakos Screamer

Gerrard Coutinho

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In terms of famous Liverpool goals, Steven Gerrard’s Champions Leauge strike against Olympiakos in 2004 is up there among the most memorable.

Gerrard’s 87th-minute cracker from long range sealed Liverpool’s 3-1 comeback and ensured qualification to the last sixteen of the competition which of course they then went on to win at the end of that season.

As part of their “Goals Recreated” series, BT Sport recruited another Liverpool star in the form of Philippe Coutinho to try to emulate that strike in training.

Coutinho’s efforts can be found below, but first, here is that goal in question from Gerrard (complete with the obligatory excited commentary from Andy Gray):

With the help of teammates James Milner and Divock Origi, Coutinho had was given four attempts to score – unfortunately for the Brazilian international, however, while he has scored a few screamers from distance at his time at Anfield, long-range drives with power patently aren’t his thing…

The 24-year-old missed the target with three of his four strikes, and the one that did find the net ended up in the wrong side of the goal as he was unable to get the swerve to carry it into the far corner.

This is Coutinho’s second appearance in the series – his attempt to recreate Dennis Bergkamp’s famous 2002 goal for Arsenal against Newcastle earlier this season was far more successful:

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