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Martin Keown Absolutely Nailed His Mesut Ozil Prediction Last Week

Martin Keown had his name in the headlines last week for a rant he made about Mesut Ozil and now, one prediction he made in said rant has come true.

Last week we reported on a rather pointed rant from the former Arsenal man Martin Keown that concerned the Gunners’, Mesut Ozil, following his side’s defeat to Atletico Madrid over two legs in the semi-finals of the Europa League.

Speaking on BT Sports, Keown had this to say on Ozil’s dedication to giving it his all.

“It seems as though he picks and chooses his games.

“You can hide a little bit in that wide position. At times I was watching him and was like ‘are you going to get back for your team?’ The great players I played with, the Bergkamp’s, the Henry’s, they worked hard as well and I don’t think this team can carry anybody.

“It’s almost as if his hands are in the air, ‘look at this group, they aren’t as good as me.’ Someone needed to grab him a long time ago, shake him and say, ‘we are trying to get the ball to you, we are working for you but you aren’t working for us.

“I bet he doesn’t play again this season. He’ll have some emotional breakdown and he won’t able to play at the weekend. I don’t know how many illnesses he has had this season but the fella is not kidding me.”

When Arsenal revealed the lineup they would be fielding to take on Burnley in a game that would stand as manager Arsene Wenger’s final home fixture, Ozil was said to have had a minor back problem, something that fans were quick to jump on after the revelation.

That’s not to say that Ozil isn’t nursing an injury, of course, but it did seem worthwhile to note how on the money Martin Keown was in what was a pretty heated attack on the German.

Ozil himself released a short statement updating fans on his health.

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