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Mic’d up Thierry Henry will make you wish for similar set-up in Premier League

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was never known to be too much of a hot-head during his time as a player but he clearly takes no prisoners as a manager.

Now manager of Montreal Impact, it’s clear that Thierry Henry finds it frustrating that not everybody is blessed with the kind of football brain that he was.

Henry was fitted with a microphone for Montreal Impact’s Major League Soccer clash with Nashville on Tuesday and his managerial style made for fascinating viewing.

Henry could be heard berating his players on several occasions and refused to accept any excuses for his side’s shortcomings.

The legendary Arsenal forward seemingly couldn’t understand why his players were taking so many unnecessary touches and even muttered his frustrations to himself when certain Impact players insisted on taking an extra touch before finding a teammate.

“Don’t blame anyone else!” Henry roared at one stage. “You turned the wrong way. If you would have turned, you would have seen the players here.”

Thierry Henry

In an attempt to encourage communication from his players, Henry even ordered forward Mason Toye to let Victor Wanyama know that he was in a position to continue an attack.

Expressing further exasperation, Henry claimed that Shamit Shome was not making proper runs.

Being one of the greatest players ever at running in behind defensive lines, it’s clear that Henry finds it difficult to see his players struggle with what came naturally to him.

Thierry Henry

“Can you go behind him?” Henry asked at one point. “Not in front of him, that’s not football. That’s not a football run, man!”

It’s not difficult to understand why Arsene Wenger made Henry captain of Arsenal when Patrick Vieira left the club in 2005 because he clearly possesses some leadership chops.

We just wish that we had the opportunity to hear what Jose Mourinho, Jurgen Klopp and Marcelo Bielsa were shouting every week.

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