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Seamus Coleman reveals first reaction to Super League and praises Everton’s stance

Seamus Coleman

Seamus Coleman admitted that he was left with “a horrible feeling” after first discovering the plans of six Premier League clubs to join a breakaway European Super League.

From Sunday night to Tuesday night, supporters from the six clubs in question – Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur – voiced their disagreement with the Super League proposals.

Seamus Coleman has given his opinion on the contentious European Super League, with the Everton and Republic of Ireland captain expressing relief about the outcome after the clubs involved succumbed to fan pressure and withdrew their participation from the competition.

“It’s been a very interesting week. I think we’ve seen the good and the bad of football,” Coleman wrote on Everton’s website. “The bad being the greed aspect of it all which was very, very disappointing, but then the good being fans of all clubs getting together and really putting their points across that the proposed Super League isn’t what we want.

Seamus Coleman

“I thought that definitely showed the good side of football – the fans and a lot of broadcasters coming together as well. The football world united to let everyone know what we thought of the proposals. I think the feelings were unanimous amongst players, managers and fans so we got to the right conclusion in the end.

“I’m quite a laid-back person, things don’t bother me that much, but when the proposal was announced it just left a horrible feeling as a football fan, never mind as a player. It just automatically felt off, it didn’t feel good or right.”

Everton were one of the first clubs to publicly condemn the Super League concept and that came as a source of much pride for Coleman, who praised the Toffees for setting out their stance early and passionately.

Seamus Coleman

The Donegal man also applauded the effort put in by the fans, who managed to prove that their power is more important than the financial allure of a lucrative Super League.

Coleman continued: “When I saw the statement from my own football club condemning the plans, how strong they were and how they spoke from the heart, it gave me massive pride to be part of this football club. We are known as The People’s Club and that showed.

“Times like this make you so proud to be part of Everton because we are about the fans – and we always have been. We all understand football is a business but that’s only to a certain degree.

“Football is nothing without the fans and it never will be anything without the fans. Supporters showed owners at the top of these clubs how fans continue to be so important.

Seamus Coleman

“Everton means a lot to me. It’s home from home. I’ve got my family back in Ireland and this is my family over here. It’s a club I came to and I knew straight away it was a hard-working club with hard-working fans which mirrored my personality.

“That’s why the fans have taken to me at times because, even when things aren’t going well, I keep my head down and keep working hard.

“For me, Everton means everything to me. It’s a club that took a chance on me all those years ago and ever since then I’ve tried to repay them. It’s a family club and ever so close to my heart.”

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