When Ryan Giggs realised that different rules applied for Eric Cantona

Eric Cantona and Ryan Giggs

Eric Cantona could get away with things that his Manchester United teammates couldn’t.

Eric Cantona was one of four players at United who managed to escape Sir Alex Ferguson’s infamous hairdryer treatment during his time at the club.

After bringing Cantona to Old Trafford for £1.2 million, Ferguson allowed the French forward to play by different rules to other players.

Ryan Giggs wasn’t blessed with the carte blanche that Cantona enjoyed under Ferguson and the legendary Welsh winger has revealed the moment that he realised that different rules applied for ‘King Eric’.

“I got a bollocking off the gaffer because my top button wasn’t done up,” Giggs revealed on the Webby & O’Neill YouTube channel.

“He came over to me and said ‘do your top button up. You know you’re representing Man United.’

“And then the next minute, Eric walked in with a white linen suit and red and white Tiempo trainers and I was thinking ‘oh, he’s going to get the same here. This is going to be the first fine that Eric’s ever going to get.’

“And he [Ferguson] pulled all the lads over and said ‘Look at Eric there, that’s what you call style!’

“I had gotten a bollocking for not having my button done up and Eric shows up at a black tie do with a white linen suit and red and white Tiempo trainers.

“That was Eric, really. He had his own rules and he could get away with it because of what he did on the pitch. He was different in so many ways.”

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