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Roy Keane has hilarious response to Niall Quinn’s claim of special treatment

Roy Keane

Roy Keane is really getting the hang of this social media lark.

In less than two weeks and with just a handful of posts, Roy Keane has seen his newly-established Instagram skyrocket to a following of 1.2 million.

And in true Keane style, the former Manchester United captain follows absolutely nobody on the social media platform.

For his latest post. Keane dug deep into his photo archives to respond to Niall Quinn’s recent assertion that the Corkman received special treatment in the Republic of Ireland camp.


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In a new Virgin Media documentary, Quinn suggested that Keane was allowed to join up with the national team much later than his teammates.

Quinn said: “From a very early stage in that sort of Mick-Roy relationship, Roy was privileged, put in a specialised position.”

Quinn, who worked with Keane at Sunderland between 2006 and 2008, explained that Mick McCarthy and Alex Ferguson had an arrangement that would keep the captain at his club for as long as possible before he was allowed to go on Ireland duty.

“Given that for all our international matches for the last couple of years, he [Keane] was only coming in sometimes on the Tuesday and we were all in on the Saturday,” Quinn continued.

“So, he had this specialist status, this privileged status in the team, for a couple of years. So, it was difficult I think for him to say ‘things aren’t done right’ when he wasn’t there all the time.

“But he got special privilege. Mick McCarthy and Sir Alex Ferguson did a deal – ‘Oh, you can have him later on near the matches, but he stays with us ’til Monday or Tuesday’.”

Roy Keane

In response to Quinn’s claim, Keane shared some images of Ireland’s trip to the United States in 1992, when the squad took part in karaoke.

“Don’t remember getting any special treatment on this trip – Irish National team USA 1992,” Keane captioned his post along with a snake emoji.

That’s right, folks. Roy Keane now knows about emojis.

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