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Roy Keane addresses Haaland incident after insisting he has no regrets

Roy Keane Haaland

“I’ve never regretted anything I’ve ever done on a football pitch.”

Roy Keane insists he never regretted anything he did as a player and dismissed suggestions that he went out to injure former rival Alf-Inge Haaland.

In April 2001, Keane was sent off for a gruesome tackle on Haaland and made sure to roar down at the Norwegian player before making his way off the field.

The incident, which came four years after Haaland accused Keane of faking an injury, has been the subject of much debate over the past two decades and even the Irishman’s own book suggested that he’d intentionally set out to exact revenge against Haaland.

Roy Keane Haaland

Roy Keane’s brutal tackle on Erling Haaland

Keane’s challenge, which is one of the most infamous in Premier League history, came up on the most recent episode of Micah & Roy’sΒ Road to Wembley.

Keane conceded that hurting opposition players was part and parcel of being a competitive midfielder at the time but rejected the idea that he’d planned to injure anyone during his playing career.

“Can I tell you something? I’ve never regretted anything I’ve ever done on a football pitch. Never!” Keane said.

“I’ve been sent off and I’ve let my team down.

“To me, I was in battle with people. I was in the middle of the park. Did I go to hurt players? Of course I did. I’d never apologise for that.

“And people went to hurt me! Honestly, I’m not going to give it the whole ‘poor me.’

“I never did anything on the football pitch where I said, ‘Oh my God!’

“I never, never went out to injure a player in my life but did I go out to hurt players? Of course. When you’re going for a ball in the middle of the park, there’s a good chance that somebody’s going to get hurt.”

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