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Roy Hodgson Once Sold The Wrong Liverpool Player By Mistake

Roy Hodgson once accidentally sold the wrong player

Roy Hodgson didn’t spend long as Liverpool manager and his time in charge is remembered by supporters in stark contrast to the current atmosphere at Anfield.

Roy Hodgson left Liverpool in January 2011, with the Reds in 12th place in the Premier League table, and he was replaced by club legend Kenny Dalglish for a season and a half.

At the time many felt that Hodgson, although experienced, was out of his depth with a club the size of Liverpool and apparently he didn’t pay much attention to detail at times.

According to then-Liverpool youth player Alexander Kacaniklic, Hodgson accidentally sold him to Fulham in the summer of 2010, thinking that the Reds were actually selling a different player named Alex.

Roy Hodgson accidentally sold Alexander Kacaniklic

The transfer would see Kacaniklic, as well as Lauri Dalla Vale, leave Liverpool as part of the deal that brought Paul Konchesky to the club but it wasn’t until a phonecall after negotiations were all but complete that Hodgson realised his blunder.

“It was a bit difficult for Liverpool to replace me, but when I was in Fulham and before I signed up, I had a conversation with Roy Hodgson on the phone, where we found out that he had chosen the wrong Alex,” Kacaniklic said to fotbolskananelen, as translated by Liverpool Echo.

“In his head, he thought he had sold another Alex for Konchesky. But then it was too late. It’s a little fun!

Roy Hodgson made the error when bringing Paul Konchesky to Liverpool

“Then he just told me I was welcome back in Liverpool with open arms, but that I could do what I felt.

“By then I had already made my mind up and was very excited about coming to Fulham.”

By all accounts, Hodgson struggled to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Rafael Benitez, in a number of ways.

The younger players at Liverpool, in particular, felt that Hodgson didn’t plan to look at the youth set-up when he arrived on Merseyside.

“When Roy Hodgson came to the club, it was a little different, a big change,” Kacaniklic explained. “Benitez had been there before and made the club his own with everyone who worked at the club.

“When he left and took all his people with him, it became a bit turbulent. Hodgson didn’t look so much at us youngsters, he wanted quick results. He wanted Paul from Fulham.”

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