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‘I know you personally!’ – Rio Ferdinand demands answers from Ed Woodward

Rio Ferdinand

Rio Ferdinand has called out Ed Woodward and demanded answers from those responsible for suggesting that the six Premier League clubs should break away into the European Super League.

The fan backlash following the proposals of Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur to join the Super League prompted each of the clubs to announce their respective withdrawals from the contentious competition on Tuesday night.

United legend Rio Ferdinand slammed the statement released by his club on the matter, which was just three lines long, and called for those who suggested the Super League idea to be held accountable.

United’s executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward announced his resignation from the club just hours before United confirmed their Super League withdrawal, although the Red Devils didn’t link the two significant announcements.

Ferdinand took to social media to slam the lack of clarity from the owners of the clubs on the Super League idea.

“We want to know the answers. It’s all vague,” Ferdinand said on Twitter.

“We want to know why you went forward with this, how you thought the fans would be OK with this, what were your reasons behind doing this?

“You can’t just come in and run the institutions of these football clubs like Man United and Liverpool, all these big football clubs, the six clubs that we’ve got and think you can just be a faceless person who just throws out little ideas that you think are not going to affect anybody.

rio ferdinand

“But then all of a sudden, you see the uproar and the turnout and the fallout that happens. I commend those Chelsea fans who went to Chelsea and were going bananas. I was thinking that I’d love to see more people doing that.

“These people need to understand. You can’t just come and give a blanket cover-up story and not tell us why.

“Ed Woodward has resigned. I want to know why. Where are you, Ed? I know you personally. I want to know why! Were you part of this? They’re the questions.

ed woodward glazer

“I could sit here and hammer Ed Woodward, I could sit here and hammer the Glazers, I could sit here and hammer the owners of all these football clubs but I don’t want to waste my time doing that.

“I just want answers. They should be put up on a pedestal like they wanted to be as the six clubs, the six great clubs. Well come out now and answer some questions on those pedestals because that’s what the fans deserve.”

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