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Former Scout Reveals Two Incredible Players Manchester United Missed Out On

Players Manchester United missed out on

Christian Pulisic and Alphonso Davies are just two players Manchester United missed out on after ignoring a scout’s advice.

Former international scout, Jorge Alvial, has revealed that he advised United to sign both Pulisic and Davies after he began working for the Red Devils in 2016.

Alvial was scouting in America and was well aware of the potential of Pulisic, who broke through at Borussia Dortmund before moving to Chelsea for approximately £58 million a year and a half ago.

Pulisic was one of two players Manchester United missed out on

Alvial also urged United to sign Davies but his suggestions were seemingly ignored by the higher-ups at Old Trafford.

“When I first got hired one of the people that I recommended right away was Pulisic because I knew him and his background,” Alvial told Manchester Evening News.

“I knew how well he was developing in Dortmund and he was just going to keep coming up, and become a superstar because he was doing very well.

Pulisic was one of two players Manchester United missed out on

“I have always believed in him, we always have kept close contact with his father, and I called him to say I was recommending him to Manchester United.

“So it was many times that I did recommend him, but at the same time because I was only doing North America, it wasn’t my region because he was playing in Germany. We all had a list (of targets) and I had him first along with Alphonso (Davies).

Davies is one of two players Manchester United missed out on

“Highly, highly recommended for them to sign him, and I know also the German scout was very into him, he really liked him too.

“It wasn’t a case of ‘look at this kid’, it was ‘sign this kid’.”

Alvial was surprised that the club did not take his suggestions, having gone above and beyond to recommend the pair of talents who shot to stardom in the Bundesliga.

Davies was one of two players Manchester United missed out on

Alvial left his role at United in 2018 to take up a new role with FC Cincinnati.

“When I recommend a player usually it is an example of a player that I feel has tremendous potential,” he explained.

“For Pulisic I jumped many levels that we are supposed to do and I went directly to the head scout and said: ‘Listen, this player is extraordinary we need to see him right away and we need to make a decision right away because if we don’t someone else is going to see him, and is going to beat us,’ which has also happened with Alphonso (Davies).”

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