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Paul Pogba explains meaning of nickname and reveals biggest influences

Paul Pogba nickname

“That’s La Pioche.”

Paul Pogba has explained why he is sometimes referred to as ‘La Pioche’ in response to a question about his nickname.

Pogba was the latest Manchester United player to take part in a Q & A with the club’s supporters and he tackled topics such as the most difficult opponents he has faced in his career.

Pogba also revealed why he is sometimes called ‘La Pioche’, particularly by his French teammates.

Pogba said: “I don’t think people understand as it’s a French word so, basically, it’s like the joker; the person that jokes and likes to annoy people sometimes, but in a jokey way. That’s La Pioche.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba nickname

“How I see it, the Pioche to other people. It comes from the comedian that is called Gohou, Gohou Michel, from Ivory Coast. He used to joke with people and he used to say jokes, say things that never happened, stuff like that. That’s where it came from, my La Pioche is a bit different from that Pioche. I don’t know if you get it!”

Pogba was also asked to name his greatest role models growing up and the 28-year-old revealed a number of French and Brazilian legends.

Paul Pogba

“Basically I was watching a lot of players,” Pogba explained. “French ones like Thierry Henry, Zinedine Zidane – even Jean-Pierre Papin, I was watching some videos of them. Brazilians Ronaldinho and Ronaldo. Patrick Vieira.

“Because I was more of a striker before, I was watching the strikers and everything but then I went to no.10, no.6 and no.8 so I started watching everyone. To see what can I improve on in my game, what can I take from all those players just to make my own to make Paul Pogba?”

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