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Luke Shaw not expecting Alex Ferguson team talk ahead of Europa League final

Luke Shaw Alex Ferguson

“We don’t need people to inspire us for the game tomorrow.”

Luke Shaw is not anticipating a motivational team talk from Sir Alex Ferguson, who has joined the Manchester United squad in Gdansk for Wednesday night’s Europa League final against Villarreal.

Ferguson travelled to Poland with United but he has not immersed himself within the group, leaving it to former striker Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to prepare his team as he sees fit.

Shaw insists that the Red Devils will not require any added inspiration from Ferguson ahead of kick-off as United look to close their season out with a trophy.

“I wouldn’t expect him to speak to us,” Shaw told the club’s website. “We see him around the hotel at the moment a little, but within the team we have to inspire ourselves and focus on what we need to do as a group.

Luke Shaw Alex Ferguson

Luke Shaw on Alex Ferguson

“I am sure we don’t need people to inspire us for the game tomorrow, as much of a legend as he is. Inside our group we need to do that ourselves.

“Of course I’m sat next to the manager now and I am sure he’ll be doing that tomorrow so I’m not sure we’ll be seeing too much of Sir Alex tomorrow.”

Ferguson’s opinion on Shaw’s resurgence in form was recently revealed by United captain Harry Maguire.

Solskjaer has suggested that Ferguson will be more than happy to make himself available for advice if any of his United players have a question.

Solskjaer Ferguson

The current United boss revealed that he and a player managed to best Ferguson on a quiz question earlier this week before admitting that Wednesday night’s occasion will be extra special with the legendary Scot in attendance.

“He flew out with us yesterday,” Solskjaer said of Ferguson. “Some of us, some of the players and some of the staff went to see his documentary, or Jason’s documentary about his dad. I sat there thinking about this man and what he’s done for the club. I’m sure Luke, sitting next to me, felt the same.

Alex ferguson

“He’s a special man. He’s like an encyclopaedia of football, even though I got him on a quiz question yesterday… and one of the players got the answer before him, so I’m not sure he’s happy with that!

“Just to have him around when we eat in the restaurant, I’m sure the players if they wonder about something, they can ask him.

“He’s always about for a chat because this is the club of his heart. I hope he is going to enjoy it tomorrow night because I have to say I owe most of my career to him.”

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