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Jurgen Klopp insists he didn’t need to use Alex Ferguson tactic with Liverpool players

Alex Ferguson

Alex Ferguson would always make a point of looking his players in the eyes after a title win to make sure the hunger to succeed was still there.

Throughout his managerial career, Alex Ferguson returned to that tactic on many occasions but Jurgen Klopp insists he did not need to examine Liverpool players’ desire before this season kicked off.

Klopp secured his first Premier League title in the summer and he responded to Ferguson’s pre-season assessment strategy by revealing that he already had an agreement with his players so did not have to make sure the fight was still in his squad.

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Klopp said: “It is what he always did? How many league titles did he win, 13, and he always came back into pre-season and always looked for hunger. I wish I had Alex Ferguson’s eyes obviously!

Alex Ferguson

“We agreed a while ago (longer ago than pre-season) that we tried to make this the best time of our lives as long as we are together and that is what we are still doing. So I am not in doubt about the desire and hunger of my boys.

“Because it is a little bit my job as well to keep that going and I know myself long enough to know that I can do it differently.

Jurgen Klopp

“So that means we are on the safe side (laughs). If we don’t succeed, it will not be because we don’t want it with all we have.

“The other teams, they can be better, in football and in life it’s like this, but it’s not because of hunger or desire or greed or whatever.

Jurgen Klopp

“No, no, we are still in the right mood.”

Liverpool have won each of their three games in the Premier League this season as the Reds got their title defence off to the perfect start.

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