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John Egan reveals who he’ll be shouting for in Cork vs. Kerry Munster SFC semi-final

John Egan

John Egan has revealed who he’ll be shouting for when he sits down to watch Sunday’s Munster Senior Football Championship semi-final between Cork and Kerry.

There has been much curiosity about whether John Egan considers himself a Corkman or a Kerryman and the Sheffield United defender has done a good job of sitting on the fence.

Born and raised in Cork, Egan will forever be linked to Kerry due to the legendary status his father, John Egan Snr, earned in the Kingdom with his six All Ireland crowns.

John Egan

Ahead of this weekend’s Munster semi-final, Egan was asked by Brian Carney to confirm once and for all whether he feels he is more of a Kerryman or Corkman.

“There’s no such thing as both but I’m probably a Kerryman born and raised in Cork,” Egan told Sky Sports.

“Obviously I grew up in Cork and I loved living in Cork but when it came to Gaelic football, I was Kerry mad since day one thanks to my mum and dad.

“It’s a weird one because every time someone brings it up, they tell me to stop sitting on the fence because you’re either Cork or Kerry.

“But it’s OK to be both in my situation.”

Egan won’t have to worry about a fixture clash for the Cork vs. Kerry match as his Sheffield United side are playing on Saturday this weekend, when they travel to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea.

And when pushed for a definitive answer on the Corkman/Kerryman debate, Egan revealed he will be wearing a Kerry jersey on Sunday afternoon.

“For this Sunday at 4pm, I’m a Kerryman I’d say,” Egan explained.

“There’d be trouble in my house if I had a Cork jersey on at 4pm on Sunday.”

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