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Jamie Carragher details extent of former hatred towards Gary Neville

Jamie Carragher

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Jamie Carragher has confirmed that he used to hate Gary Neville when the pair were playing on either side of the Manchester United vs. Liverpool rivalry.

While they have since developed into punditry soulmates and have cultivated a fantastically entertaining on-air relationship, there was a time when Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville couldn’t stand the sight of each other.

Carragher has opened up on his opinion of Neville during their playing career and admitted that he, like many Scousers, did not appreciate Neville’s antics as United’s captain.

Gary Neville

The Anfield legend jokingly suggested that Neville only fuelled the fire between Liverpool and United in an attempt to curry favour with Red Devils supporters.

“I hated him a little bit. Can you hate someone a little bit? You just hate them, I suppose!” Carragher said on Sky Sports’ Super 6 podcast.

“There was a big rivalry between the clubs and he used to stoke that up but he’s kissed his badge and said things about people from Liverpool. He was just basically playing up to the fanzines and trying to get in with the Manchester United fans.

Jamie Carragher

“Who cares about Gary Neville, even if you’re a Man United fan? He is a right-back, nobody is really interested in right-backs. That was his way of trying to be popular with Man United fans and getting a song.

“He then went on Sky TV and it all came back to haunt him. He had to play ‘Mr Liverpool’, and support Liverpool and different things, to try and get them on side.

Jamie Carragher

“You know what? He did get them on side because the amount of times I am stopped in the street now and people are saying, ‘Gary Neville is sound isn’t he, he’s a great pundit’ and all of this.

“Fingers crossed they are saying the same things about me in Manchester!”

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