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Jamie Carragher is blown away by Marcelo Bielsa’s “bucket”

Bielsa's bucket

Jamie Carragher is a big fan of Marcelo Bielsa’s bucket.

Ahead of Leeds United’s first Premier League outing since 2004, Marcelo Bielsa’s bucket was placed in the dugout at Anfield and Carragher couldn’t help but see what all the fuss was about.

While Sky Sports reporter Geoff Shreeves questioned the appeal of Bielsa’s bucket in terms of a vantage point, Carragher was delighted with it.

“Oh, this is cool this,” Carragher said in a video captured by Shreeves that showed the Liverpool legend getting excited by the Argentinian markings on the bucket.

Bielsa’s decision to position himself on his bucket is just one of the many reasons that have made him so fascinating to football fans but when asked why he sits there, the Leeds boss played it down.

“You want me to tell you more than what it is?” Bielsa said in the early stages of his time at Elland Road. “It’s just a bucket.

“I have nothing to add. It’s a comfortable bucket.”

Marcelo Bielsa's bucket

Leeds couldn’t have asked for a tougher return to Premier League life as they have travelled to Anfield to meet defending league champions, Liverpool.

And judging by Carragher’s Telegraph column, Bielsa’s bucket is not the only thing that intrigues him about the Former Argentina boss.

Carragher wrote: “Given his volatile history at previous clubs, nobody – not even the Leeds owners – can be entirely sure what Bielsa will say or do no next.

“In a league where positive results will not be so frequent, and there are sure to be setbacks, that makes events at Elland Road even more exciting.

Marcelo Bielsa's bucket

“The fact Bielsa only confirmed he signed a contract to stay at the club this season two days before it started underlines that.

“I do not believe for one second the summit of Bielsa’s ambition this season is to keep Leeds up. Lionel Messi’s decision to stay at Barcelona denied us the chance to see the most exciting player to ever work in the Premier League.

“In his compatriot Bielsa, we instead welcome one of the most watchable managers.

“I am not sure if the right word to describe him is ‘crazy’, or if it is more accurate to see him as quirky. Anyone who spends 90 minutes sitting on a bucket is certainly different, and those idiosyncrasies will ensure Leeds will be the most observed team among neutrals this season.

“I cannot wait to see how Bielsa goes about reestablishing the club in its natural home, the top tier of English football.”

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