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Harry Maguire overheard swearing at Sergio Reguilon for reaction to foul

Harry Maguire

It’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last time that Harry Maguire lets the F-bomb fly.

There aren’t too many upsides to the lack of fans in stadiums amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic but one benefit is that supporters get more of an opportunity to hear what the players are saying on the pitch and, as it turns out, Harry Maguire is one to make his voice heard.

Throughout the season, we’ve heard Maguire swearing at his own teammates but on Sunday, the Manchester United captain aimed his latest outburst at Tottenham Hotspur defender Sergio Reguilon.

Early on in United’s trip to Spurs, Reguilon hit the deck under a challenge and the left-back’s reaction did not sit well with Maguire.

“Hey, Sergio. Fuck off!” Maguire could be overheard shouting at Reguilon by reporters in the stadium.

While it was a frustrating start to the match for the Red Devils, it was Maguire’s side who ended up celebrating after a 3-1 comeback victory over Spurs.

After Heung-min Son’s opener, United looked a different team in the second half and goals from Fred, Edinson Cavani and Mason Greenwood earned all three points for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side.

“I think it showed in the first 30 minutes that we played, we couldn’t really get up to speed,” Maguire said after the win.

Harry Maguire

“There was nothing in the game and we probably had a bit more control in the game, but we didn’t play aggressive, we didn’t play on the front foot, we didn’t win enough second balls. After about, I think, probably about 30 minutes we dominated and got the result we deserved.

“I think sometimes when you play away in Europe the hardest part of the game is the start. I know it doesn’t really make sense or add up, but when I’ve looked at our performances after Europe we need to start the games more aggressive, more on the front foot, more tempo.

“I think we started a bit slow and it’s hard to get going. In the end, I think we were 2-1 up and we’re trying to hold onto the lead and we score, I think the energy is there, the adrenaline. It’s something that we do need to address when we come back from Europe, to start the game a lot quicker than we have been doing.”

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